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Race Recap: 2016 Beat the Blerch 10k 

online dating sites for sale Oh Beat the Blerch! This is one of my favorite races. First, I love The Oatmeal. His comics are great and his book and comic The Terrible & Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances is the best. This year packet pickup was a breeze! I found street parking and got in and out in less than 30 minutes. This year’s swag bag was pretty good: Saucony cotton tech t-shit, playing cards, candy, some tattoos and sticker. I even had The Oatmeal autograph my coloring book I bought that day. He even told me I was one of the first people to have it autographed since it was a pre-release for the race only! I also got some Sriracha socks to wear on race day. (I know, nothing new before race day but I had to wear them!)

Saturday came and it was unfortunately pouring down rain. We got there early to secure a prime parking spot in the paid parking lot. I ended up tromping around exploring the booths and got a bunch of sweet soy and dairy free Clif Bar products. My new favorite post workout or race fuel is their new Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Organic Energy Food. As I was exploring the booth I realized Zappos was giving away free ponchos so we could stay dry! They even had a doughnut bar with every topping imaginable. I got skittles and gummy bears… Yes, I ate a free doughnut beforehand because it is Beat the Blerch after all!


My main goal for this race was to break an hour for the 10k. I haven’t been running because of
a nagging hip injury that’s turned into IT band and calf problems. My second goal was to run walk as little as possible, so the middle 3 miles give or take.

Right before the 10am start the rain finally let up and it was even warm. I decided to wear one of my favorite Blerch shirt ‘I do not believe in the wall’, my Oiselle Gilman Vest,  and blue sparkle skirt. The start was pretty disorganized this year compared to last so I had to bob and weave through all the walkers at the beginning. The aid station at mile 2.75ish and 3.5ish was the same way. But I still had fun running through the crowds and seeing all of the happy people running and walking out on the course. There was a couple dressed up as Bobcats! One of my favorite comics by The Oatmeal.

Overall, I ran a pretty decent time, got some sweet free race photos, and made my goals while running in the rain.


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