Race update: North Olympic Discovery Marathon

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Well it’s race weekend! I’ve been so busy with work and other personal things, like being super humanly sick, that I haven’t had a chance to write about training or anything else.

What’s super exciting is instead of running the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon, I will be running the relay with my boyfriend! My boyfriend is excited to run this race instead of spectating it. We haven’t decided if we are each running 13.1 miles or if we are going to run split up the legs individually.

I am excited to run part of the first half of the race since I ran the half marathon last year. No matter what the course is going to be gorgeous! We are hoping the weather will hold and most the run won’t be pouring down rain.

Overall we should have run and it will be an adventure!

Seattle Craft Classic – Training Update

We are just a few weeks away from the Seattle Craft Classic and to be honest I am feeling pretty beat up. I sprained my ankle playing in a beach ultimate tournament at the end of July. I stayed off it for the weeks leading up to Seawheeze and finished the race. But due to other personal issues I’ve been going through running has not been a priority.

Seawheeze finish photo!

My original goal for this race was to run a PR in the half but clearly this will be a fun run or a no run. My first Fall Fleet Feet Training run was Wednesday and my ankle felt like crap. The speed was not agreeing with it at all. I am going to suck it up and buy a new pair of Hoka Bondi 5 and see if the cushion will help. I’ve been running in my Altra Torin 3.0 to use my gluteus and hamstrings more.

If you want to join me on September 10th in Woodinville use code BIBRAVEHALF for $10 off the half and BIBRAVE5k for $5 off the 5k. You can check out the finalize courses here and read about the finish line party too!

As I attempt to run over these next few weeks and rehab my injury I will see which Seattle Craft Classic distance I end up running. I am hoping it will be the half!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon Training Update


Another week down, just 4 weeks more until Rock N Roll Seattle! I can’t believe it’s May AND my BIRTHDAY today! This year, and training cycle have flown by. This past week I took it easy and ran just 3 days. Two speed workouts, one on Wednesday as part of my Fleet Feet training group and the other Sunday playing ultimate. I cut my long run short to 9 miles, it was super hilly… I definitely felt the hills Sunday during the ultimate game. I even played some softball Sunday. Joey got to come with too 🙂

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One of the more frustrating parts of the week is my pelvis/ lower abdomen. I am not sure what causes the cramping and discomfort while I run and sit for a long period of time. I won’t know until the week before Rock N Roll and I’ve decided that no matter what I will run the 5K and Half that weekend. I know I am crazy but for me I’ve trained for the race, the least I can do is run it and hope I don’t do more damage.

On a happier note- today is my birthday and it’s going to be 80 DEGREES in Seattle! I will definitely take full advantage of the beautiful weather and spend spend some time outside!

If you still want to run the Seattle Rock N Roll Half, you have time to register! Use “BibRave15” for $15 off the Half Marathon. 

North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon Training Update


This past week has been rough training wise. The 9 miles I ran the weekend before made me so sore because of the hill route I had to back off of my mileage last week. It probably didn’t help that after the 9 miles I went to the Sounders game and stood up for the full 90 minutes! I also ran into a bush during a training run… yes I am exhausted.

I hope the bush looks as bad as me

My knees have been pretty sore all around so I figured running lower mileage would help the soreness. I taped my right knee to help alleviate the IT Band pain. But this week’s Wednesday workout is hills which I do need to complete since NODM is quite hilly.  The Course is quite hilly, they are rolling hills which running in Seattle has conditioned me for but not for 9 miles of them. I know the last 4 flat miles will be a challenge since it will most likely be hot and less covered as the route goes toward downtown Port Angeles.

So here’s hoping I survive my last long run and hill workout before North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon. If you want to join me – use code BibRave17 for $5 off you registration for any of the NODM races.

June Half Marathon Training

I am crazy- I am running two half marathons two weeks apart in June. Yes, I am running North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon on June 4 and then the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon on June 17 as a BibRave Pro.

My training is going pretty well, I decided to join the Spring Distance Program at Fleet Feet Sports Seattle in April as a way to keep me motivated to run. I will say most of my long runs have been hilly which makes it hard for me to gauge if my training is on pace or not. I am also tired a lot more, like the photo of Joey above. But, overall I do feel better about my running since joining the training program.

My goal is to run a PR during either race but I’m thinking NODM Half Marathon is going to be the best course for me to do so. I am also hiking Mt. Saint Helens the Friday before the race so we will see how I feel. 

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North Olympic Discovery Marathon – June 4, 2017, Port Angeles; WA
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