North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon Training Update


This past week has been rough training wise. The 9 miles I ran the weekend before made me so sore because of the hill route I had to back off of my mileage last week. It probably didn’t help that after the 9 miles I went to the Sounders game and stood up for the full 90 minutes! I also ran into a bush during a training run… yes I am exhausted.

I hope the bush looks as bad as me

My knees have been pretty sore all around so I figured running lower mileage would help the soreness. I taped my right knee to help alleviate the IT Band pain. But this week’s Wednesday workout is hills which I do need to complete since NODM is quite hilly.  The Course is quite hilly, they are rolling hills which running in Seattle has conditioned me for but not for 9 miles of them. I know the last 4 flat miles will be a challenge since it will most likely be hot and less covered as the route goes toward downtown Port Angeles.

So here’s hoping I survive my last long run and hill workout before North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon. If you want to join me – use code BibRave17 for $5 off you registration for any of the NODM races.

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