Running Scared: The Failed Training Plan

After the craziness of rehabbing my hip after falling during the NYC Half, I can finally run long and start my training for what I call the Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast challenge.

I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to run the Walt Disney World Half and then the Star Wars Half a week later. At the time I thought taking some time off would heal my hip injury and then I could go back to running like it was no big deal. Then I got the opportunity to register for the Princess Half Marathon a few months ago. Again, my hip was doing great and I thought no worries, I am running two halves in January so I will have a good fitness base. Let’s just say, I am freaking out!

When I realized I would have to ease myself back into running I didn’t keep in mind I would have to ‘race’ in less than six months. I decided to use the Jeff Galloway runDisney training plan created specifically for the Walt Disney Word Half Marathon. In theory, the Time Improvement plan would help me since I don’t like to run more than 4 times a week but I am failing. Between the rainy weather, subbing for an ultimate frisbee team and some discomfort in my hip, I haven’t been running.

Running in SF last week, I felt good enough to jump!

Running in SF last week, I felt good enough to jump!

But, in less than five days I will be running the Seattle Half Marathon to get my butt in shape to run these three races. Yes, I am forcing myself to run the longest run I’ve run since March. I. am. terrified.

I’ve run the course before so I know I can finish, but it’s still scary. My goal is to break 2:28 on Sunday. It probably won’t be pretty but I will finish 13.1 soggy miles.

Here goes nothing!

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