Product Review – Adidas Ultra Boost X

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost X shoes as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

I’m not going to lie, I was super excited to test the Adidas Ultra Boost X! I usually like a low to zero drop (the difference between the heel and forefoot heights in the shoes) shoe but the Ultra Boost X were so different and might have helped me with my speed work.

First, these are unlike anything I’ve ever felt on my feet. These shoes are very light, a size 7 weighs just 8.3 ounces! The arch of the shoe is not attached to the sole, so the shoe fits more like a sock. This was a little off putting a first- my feet did fall asleep the first few times I took them for a run. But after I got used to them my feet felt great and I did not have any shin or knee pain.

I primarily wore the Ultra Boost X for my weekly speed workouts and for short runs. I prefer very cushioned shoes for more than 5 miles. The great part about the the Ultra Boost X was that I felt great running sprints because of the Boost sole that is super responsive. I will definitely wear these for 5ks.

A few more things I love about the Adidas Ultra Boost X are:

  • The sock-like feel of the supper and arch, it made me feel like I was running in a support shoe not a neutral shoe.
  • The colors- the orange and black are fun and fashionable.
  • The Continental Tire tread- they don’t squeak on plastic floors when they get wet and I had no trouble at all running on different surfaces with them.
  • The toebox- when I first got them I thought they would seem super narrow but because of the knit upper my toes have plenty of room.


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I did have a few dislikes:

  • The shoelaces- they are too long, no matter which way I laced them they would still untie or flop around.
  • The price- I want to get another pair of them once these ones wear our but they are listed for $180, much more than my other shoes.

Overall, I really love the Adidas Ultra Boost X! They are great for speedwork and for my future 5k races. If you want to give them a try yourself- can buy them here, through Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Race Recap: Hot Chocolate 15K Seattle

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to Hot Chocolate 15K as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

After months of training, or not training that is, race day finally arrived and the results were pretty great all things considered.

Villefranche-sur-Saône Expo
I went to the expo on Saturday and packet pickup was a breeze. The expo, like last year, was a bit small. Lots of Hot Chocolate 15k merchandise, a bunch of local races and my favorite booth Tiger Tail! If you haven’t heard of them check them out. I browsed for a 45 minutes or so looking at all of the booths. On my way out I sampled the chocolate covered marshmallow (which were awesome!) and then headed back home.


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The goodie bag this year was great! The hoodie is so soft and true to size. I can’t wait to wear it everywhere. I also picked up some Nuun vitamins at the expo and a sweet Nuun Seattle water bottle.

Shirone Race Day

Starting with Cassidy. Photo from Hot Chocolate 15k

Getting to the race was pretty was easier than I thought. My boyfriend found a close parking spot and then we walked to the Seattle Center Armory. I found my lovely Oiselle teammates, Shannon, Cassidy, Jen, and Tiffany then stretched out. Right before the start time we walked over and squeezed our way into corral B. We had a difficult time getting into the corrals this year, there were very few entrances and we had to jump over a rope or two to get in. There were also way too many sets of pacers. It was very confusing and we thought we were in the wrong corral because of them.

Right at 7:55am the first corral started and then two-ish minutes later we started. The course is one skinny long loop that goes to Pike Place Market and then up onto Highway 99. The first half a mile is downhill which makes it hard to pace. We ran a 9:37 for the first mile and then a 10:10 for the second. The first four miles felt pretty good it was hard to maintain consistency because of the hills in course. But this was just the beginning.

Finishing strong in the finish chute

The last portion of the race is rough. Mile 5 takes you up to the Aurora Bridge then mile 6 goes up to 46th Street and the miles are pretty much rolling hills. Mile 6 is a monstrous hill. It’s over a half a mile long.  This is the hardest part of the course. I was so thankful that at the 46th Street Bus Stop a whole bunch of Oiselle Birds were there cowbelling. It was so amazing. One of them had Nuun which was a lifesaver too.

As we made our way down the hill to the last three miles of the course things were rough. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time to run the last 3.4 miles but I and my teammate could PR. We chugged a long and finally hit the last mile. This was go time. I knew there was a hill going up Mercer to Mercer and onto 5th Avenue. I ended up walking part of it but knew that I would PR if I ran the last stretch.

The best part was seeing Cassidy’s husband and then my boyfriend at the finish line knowing that it was all over and in fact I did PR by all of 30 seconds! Yes, that’s right 30 seconds. I will take as a good omen for my half in two weeks. What was great is I finally met fellow BibRave Pro Ambassador Jeannie. Check out her blog, she’s wonderful!

Overall, I did enjoy this race not sure I would run it again but it is great to finish a large mug of chocolate, free race photos, and a sweet medal.

Reflection- 15k racing boom or a bust

Sunday is the day- I will be racing the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle. I am actually quite scared. My training has not gone to plan due to moving and injury but I now I will finish and most likely PR.

My A goal is 1:32 or faster by B goal is 1:38 or faster. I know both are achievable but if I don’t get either my attempt at 2:14 or faster for the NYC Half in 2 weeks is a bust. Part of me wants to get this PR and hope for the best for NYC. But, because I do have 4 more halfs scheduled this year a sub-2 or at least sub-2:05 half can happen this year.

Yes, everyone needs to be as worry-free and happy as Cooper!

After writing all of the recaps for the last few races (don’t worry they will be posted soon!), I realized that coming off of a severe injury is hard. Six months to get in shape might not be enough time and I have to accept that.

So, here’s to hoping the weather cooperates this Sunday for that 1:32 PR or bust!

The Rematch: NYC Half 2017

It’s official, I am going to New York in March for a rematch!

For more backstory on my NYC Half experience this year go here.

Back in the fall when I entered the lottery I didn’t think I would get in for a second year in a row. I thought I would have to wait to go run those 13.1 miles again. (Really, I thought I had better odds wining a trip the MLS Cup in Toronto to watch the Sounders.)

Instead, the $145 charge came through on my credit card. I forgot the drawing was yesterday, so I looked on the NYRR website.  Sure enough, it wasn’t an error. A few hours later the email showed up in my inbox to officially tell me I’m going back NYC for a rematch.

This time I will not fall in a pothole and I will run a sub 2:05. This is going to be hard, painful and frustrating. But I want this PR more than anything. I will run the NYC Half in 2:05 or faster. I know I have it in me and I will not fail like I did last time.

buy Ivermectin pills New York, I am coming for you!

Running Scared: The Failed Training Plan

After the craziness of rehabbing my hip after falling during the NYC Half, I can finally run long and start my training for what I call the Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast challenge.

I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I decided to run the Walt Disney World Half and then the Star Wars Half a week later. At the time I thought taking some time off would heal my hip injury and then I could go back to running like it was no big deal. Then I got the opportunity to register for the Princess Half Marathon a few months ago. Again, my hip was doing great and I thought no worries, I am running two halves in January so I will have a good fitness base. Let’s just say, I am freaking out!

When I realized I would have to ease myself back into running I didn’t keep in mind I would have to ‘race’ in less than six months. I decided to use the Jeff Galloway runDisney training plan created specifically for the Walt Disney Word Half Marathon. In theory, the Time Improvement plan would help me since I don’t like to run more than 4 times a week but I am failing. Between the rainy weather, subbing for an ultimate frisbee team and some discomfort in my hip, I haven’t been running.

Running in SF last week, I felt good enough to jump!

Running in SF last week, I felt good enough to jump!

But, in less than five days I will be running the Seattle Half Marathon to get my butt in shape to run these three races. Yes, I am forcing myself to run the longest run I’ve run since March. I. am. terrified.

I’ve run the course before so I know I can finish, but it’s still scary. My goal is to break 2:28 on Sunday. It probably won’t be pretty but I will finish 13.1 soggy miles.

Here goes nothing!